’07 Marshall MC412B 200-watt 4×12 Straight Cabinet, Made in England! -Local Pickup Only


At Pittsburgh Guitars, we have a used 2007 Marshall MC412B 200-watt 4×12 Straight Guitar Cabinet (Made in England) in very good condition! This is a 16 ohm cabinet, loaded with 4 Celestion Rocket 50 speakers. The cab comes with wheel casters for easier toting. The cab is cosmetically in decent shape for its age. The back panel has some minor scuffs/scratches; and the only tolex tear to speak of is at the backside top left edge (shown in picture). Local Pickup Only.

Below are the specs for the Celestion Rocket 50 speakers:

Specifications 305mm / 12in Nominal diameter 8Ω or 16Ω Rated impedance 95dB Sensitivity Nominal diameter 305mm / 12in Power rating 50W Rated impedance 8Ω or 16Ω Sensitivity 95dB Chassis type Pressed steel Magnet type CeramicMagnet weight0.48kg / 17ozVoice coil diameter 1.5in / 38mm Voice coil material Round copper Frequency range 85-5000Hz Resonance frequency, Fs90HzDC resistance, Re6.74Ω & 12.44Ω