2005 Fender Master Design Limited Edition Yuriy Shishkov ’63 Telecaster in Vintage White (Team Built), On Consignment, Comes with Original Hard Case and Pro-Setup

Ahh, Here we have a 2005 Fender Custom Shop Master Design Limited Edition Yuriy Shishkov ’63 Telecaster w/ Bigsby in Vintage White – Light Relic!  This guitar is one of the Team Built Limited Run of 300 guitars, in which Master Builder Yuriy Shishkov oversaw the production team.  At the same time, Yuriy personally did a run of 50 Master Builds of this guitar.  To quickly identify, a Master Built ’63 Shishkov Tele will have “‘# of 50” decal’ed on the back of the headstock (i.e. “1 of 50”, “2 of 50”, etc.) instead of the “Limited Edition” Custom Shop Logo decal.  Over the years, we have seen people try to sell these guitars online as a “Master Built”; Don’t be fooled.

This instrument features a Flat-Sawn 1-piece Maple neck, with a 7.25″ radius.  Flat-sawn cuts of Maple typically give off more flame in the wood, which is what you see here – a AA Flame Maple neck.  The neck profile is a very comfortable medium Oval C-shape.  The ’50s body (Yuriy’s choice) is made of light Ash, and features a Custom Shop ’63 Tele Bridge pickup, and Fender Logo Bigsby Vibrato – indicative of a Telecaster model issued in 1963.

This is a 1-owner, Pittsburgh Guitars employee, owned instrument for 19 years (bought originally at Mandolin Bros. in Staten Island, NY – sadly no longer in business).  Last year in 2023, he had our shop repairman re-fret the neck with 6105 (narrow-tall) frets, and install a bone nut.  The original “vintage” height frets were getting worn, and the original Micarta plastic nut needed replacing as well.  About 13 yrs. ago, the original Custom Shop Twisted Tele neck pickup went dead; and it was replaced with a Lollar Vintage-T neck pickup.  The original owner here says it was an improvement – more body, clarity, and compression (more authentic Tele neck sound vs. the stock “Twisted”).  Also, copper shielding was professionally installed in the pickup cavities, and the underside of the pickguard and bridge+control plates (see photos).  Everything else is original to the guitar; even the .001 mfd. treble-bleed capacitor that was provided as case candy by Fender.  As such, it has the treble-bleed cap installed on the volume pot.  The guitar (w/ bigsby) weighs 7 lbs. and 9 oz.

This guitar has been well-cared for and maintained; it is in excellent condition!  The main evidence of player wear is seen by the soft buckle rash in the center of the back body (see photo).  95% of what you see on the guitar is the original relicing done by Fender.  Please see all the photo documentation.

Lastly, the owner says he never felt the need for a Mastery Bridge upgrade, which is common with the Fender floating bridge setup (a.k.a. Jazzmaster bridge issues).  But, he acknowledges that the Mastery Bridge is a good upgrade, should the buyer choose to do it.

The guitar comes with the original hard case w/ green crushed velvet interior, plus the Certificate / Yuriy’s bio description / design notes / and scratched DVD containing an interview about his design approach with this series run of guitars.

The guitar has been setup by our shop repairman, and it is ready for its next home!  *This instrument is On Consignment in our store.*

Please feel free to ask us about this 2005 Fender CS Master Design ’63 Telecaster Limited Edition!

Original price was: $4,195.00.Current price is: $3,995.00.