Late 1990s Danelectro DC-3 “Prototype,” Made in Korea

We got a call from our Danelectro rep a couple weeks ago, offering 6 “prototype” guitars that had been in their warehouse. We said we’d take them all! This one is a black finish, made in Korea DC-3 (or a double-cut U3). It has 3 lipstick pickups and the Dano Select-O-matic rotary knob that allows for great variations in tone. The toggle switch bypasses the Select-O-Matic, and turns on all three pickups at once. It has stacked tone and volume controls, chrome Gotoh tuning gears, and a fully intonatable bridge.

We got this guitar directly from Danelectro and you will be its first owner, but given its history it is not in mint condition. It is clean overall, and has some light scratches and scuffs as shown in the pictures. It has been professionally set up in our shop, and it is really cool!

Pittsburgh Guitars is an authorized Danelectro dealer!