New BOSS Katana Mini, Compact, Portable Guitar Amp


Compact, Portable, and ready to go where you do, this little combo features grat Katana tone with 3 versatile amp typoes, built-in tape-style delay, an Aux input to plug in your smartphone and jam, and more. It runs on 6 AA batteries, or with an optional AC adapter.

Here’s more from the BOSS website:
Unlike typical small, battery-powered guitar amps that offer so-so sound quality, the Katana-Mini produces big, full tone that inspires you to plug in and play for hours at a time. BOSS’s comprehensive design approach includes a custom speaker, advanced hardware, refined circuitry, and special component selection, which all work together to produce maximum sound quality in a minimum footprint. The amp also incorporates BOSS’s decades of research in energy efficient design, providing class-defying power and punch from only six AA-size batteries.

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