New Vox Cambridge 50 Modeling Amp


The Cambridge50 is a modern modeling guitar amplifier powered by Nutube and Celestion for powerful and responsive tones.

The VOX Cambridge50 opens new possibilities in a modeling guitar amp. It uses Virtual Element Technology (“VET”) modeling technology to deliver realistic and stage-ready sounds. In addition, Nutube is used for the distinctive distortion and response that only a tube amp can provide. With 50W output and versatile functionality, it’s a great choice not only for live performance but also for practicing or recording at home or in the studio.

Manual mode lets the amp work like a typical guitar amp, but preset mode lets you easily recall your own presets, and the headphone output gives you a great cab sim sound, but it also mutes the speaker for silent practicing.

– Eleven types of amp models, including the legendary VOX sound
– Eight built-in effects between Modulation & Delay/Reverb
– Powered by Nutube
– Celestion VX12 Speaker in an open-back cabinet
– Aux input and cab-simulated headphone output
– USB audio interface for direct recording

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