Accessories and More

Pittsburgh Guitars stocks a large selection of accessories!

Curbside Pickup Available

Pittsburgh Guitars stocks a large selection of accessories

We mainly have instruments, amps, and pedals on our website. We carry so much more in our brick-and-mortar shop! If you do not see what you’re looking for on this list, please call us and we can help you out.


  • Strings – Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Banjo, Mandolin Strings – We stock a full line of strings from Ernie Ball, D’Addario, Martin, GHS, Rotosound, Hofner, DR, Elixir, and others.
  • Maintenance Accessories String winders, wire cutters, polish, cleaning cloths, Fast Fret, Deoxit, lemon oil, humidifiers, and much more.
  • Capos – Guitar, Uke & Banjo capos from Kyser & Shubb
  • Slides – Along with Dunlop glass, brass, and chrome slides, we carry a selection of “The Rock Slide.”
  • Stands – We carry a variety of guitar stands, amp stands, mic stands, and music stands. We also sell wall hangers. And we always keep a keyboard stand here, just in case!
  • Straps – We carry a wide selection of straps for guitar, bass, mandolin, uke, and banjo.
  • Cases – We have gig bags and hard cases for guitar, bass, uke, mandolin & banjo.
  • Cables & Adapters – We stock a large selection of cables for instruments, microphones, midi, and speakers. We also have an impressive selection of adapters and patch cables.
  • Parts & Pickups – We always carry a selection of replacement pickups and parts. We are a Seymour Duncan dealer and can order any pickup you want. We also have a selection of Fender pickups and pickups for acoustic guitars.
  • Tubes & Fuses – Need tubes or fuses for your amp? Stop in and we can help you out.
  • Tuners & Metronomes – Clip-on and stage tuners for guitar, bass, banjo & uke. We carry a wide selection made by Snark, Boss, D’Addario Vox, and more.
  • Harmonicas – We stock Hohner Hot Metal, Blues Harp, Marine Band & Special 20 harmonicas in all of the major keys. We also carry harmonica holders.
  • Percussion Accessories – Drum heads, sticks, shakers, tambourines, vibra slap, practice pads. Oh! We try to keep a cowbell on hand at all times in case of an emergency.
  • Reeds – We don’t carry woodwind instruments, but we *do* keep Rico sax & clarinet reeds in stock.
  • Microphones – We always keep microphones on hand by Shure.
  • Headphones & Recording Interfaces – We stock interfaces by Steinberg.
  • Music Books – Don’t fall prey to all the mistakes on the internet! We have books by many different artists that are transcribed accurately, directly from the recording. We also carry method books for guitar, bass, uke, mandolin and banjo.
  • And, we have gaffer tape!

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