Buying Your First Guitar


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What to Consider When Buying Your First Guitar

At Pittsburgh Guitars, we do our best to make buying your first guitar a fun and simple process! We know that buying a guitar is an important purchase, and we will take our time to answer all of your questions and help you find the best instrument to fit your needs and budget. We will even show you a chord or two! Let’s walk through some of the basics.

One of the first questions we will ask is if you are looking for an acoustic guitar or an electric. The majority of people who buy their first guitar at Pittsburgh Guitars buy an acoustic guitar, but we think you should buy the kind of guitar that makes the sound you want to hear when you are playing. Keep in mind if you want to go electric you will also need to budget for an amplifier and a cable. Oh! If you are thinking of playing bass instead of guitar, we still have you covered.

Think about what your budget is for buying a guitar. “How much did you want to spend?” is another question we will ask.

What are some of the basic things to look for in your first guitar? You should be comfortable holding the guitar, especially when you are sitting. The guitar should stay in tune when you are playing it and you should like the way that it sounds, ESPECIALLY when playing Stairway To Heaven!! When you are happy with the sound of your guitar, you will be inspired to pick it up and play it!

Great Beginner Guitar Options

At Pittsburgh Guitars we always have a large variety of great new and used guitars in all price ranges.

Here are some examples of inexpensive starter guitars that we typically stock at Pittsburgh Guitars:

Yamaha FG-Junior JR-1 – Half-size acoustic for smaller children – $159.99

Yamaha F325D Acoustic– available in Natural and Sunburst Finish – $169.99

Yamaha Gigmaker Acoustic Pack – $189.99

Yamaha PAC012 Electric Guitar – Available in several colors – $209.99

We always have a large selection of used Guitars in all price ranges – All of our used guitars are adjusted, cleaned up, and restrung to get ready for their new home!

What Else Will I Need?

What else might I need?

  • Clip on Guitar Tuner – $15.99
  • Extra Set of Strings – Starting at $5.99
  • Picks – We will give you a couple picks. We sell them 3ea for $1
  • Gig Bag (soft case) – Start around $29.99
  • Guitar Stand – Start at $12.95
  • Amplifier for Electric Guitar – $99 and up
  • Cable to plug Electric Guitar in to Amplifier – $10.95 & Up

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