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Here’s our former instructor, Arianna, with one of our first scholarship winners.

Strum Together- Pittsburgh Guitars Musical Education Scholarship Fund

*** During the pandemic, our teachers are currently only able to teach virtual lessons. The student must have computer access.*** 

On June 30, 2012, at Big Beatles Show #10, we announced the creation of STRUM TOGETHER, The Pittsburgh Guitars Musical Education Scholarship Fund, founded to assist us in giving back to the community that is so supportive of our store.

The fund supports a music outreach program that awards guitar scholarships for lessons here at Pittsburgh Guitars, with the goal of teaching and/or enhancing students’ basic knowledge and understanding of the guitar. Some of the winners will be kids who would not have otherwise have the opportunity to take lessons. Our longer-term goals include providing instruments, lesson books, and accessories to students, and reaching as many future young musicians as possible.

2023 Strum Together Scholarship Application Information

Do you want to learn how to play the guitar this year?

Pittsburgh Guitars is proud to offer Strum Together Scholarships for eight (8) free weekly guitar lessons to Pittsburgh area students, ages 9-18! This is a one-time gift from experienced instructors to future artists. Applicants should be interested in learning to play or enhancing their playing ability and their knowledge of the guitar. If you do not have your own guitar, we will lend you an acoustic guitar for the eight weeks of your lessons.

You can apply to win a scholarship by answering a question about your passion for music and guitars. There is a one-page application and two easy ways to respond to our question. You can:

1. Write an essay
2. Submit a video on our YouTube channel

Professional musicians from Pittsburgh Guitars will select our winners, so be creative in your answer and let your personality shine!

The Big Beatles Shows!

The Pittsburgh Guitars Big Beatles Shows are a popular event held in support of Strum Together. The Beatles Show gives students and many local musicians the chance to come together on a big stage with the music so many of us love. We look forward to many more events, more community involvement, and more ways of returning the support we enjoy every day.

Contact us to learn how you can become involved!

The Pittsburgh Guitars Big Beatle Show began way back in 2006 when Carl noticed that several guitar students at the store were learning songs by The Beatles. Since he owns an entire stage-worth of Vox Super Beatle amplifiers, as well as Beatle-appropriate drums, he thought it would be fun to give the students a chance to play the big amps on a big stage! Pittsburgh Guitars Big Beatle Show #1 was booked at the Rex Theater on The South Side, and students… and other musicians around town… were invited to play two or three Beatles songs.

With Carl providing the amps and drums, and John & Scott’s band The Elliotts as the House Band, dozens and dozens of bands and solo acts were able to perform all in one evening. Every song was a fabulous Beatle tune, with no repeats! It was a magical success!!

And in 2012, with John at the helm, we established Strum Together, the Pittsburgh Guitars Musical Education Scholarship Fund. All proceeds from subsequent Beatles Shows have gone to help us provide guitar lessons for scholarship winners from our community. It’s been a great success!

The Pittsburgh Guitars Big Beatle Show has taken its place in the lore of the Pittsburgh musical community. Bands have come from all over the tri-state area to join in an evening celebrating the greatest band ever, The Beatles. The shows have drawn sold-out crowds to the Rex Theater. And with acts on stage changing every six minutes, the audiences never know what to expect next!
It’s non-stop fun. And non-stop good music!

We announce our Big Beatles Show in our e-newsletter, The Fretboard.

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See images from past Big Beatles Shows!

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