New Vox MINI SUPERBEETLE BASS, 50 Watt Mini Bass Stack!


The VOX MINI SUPERBEETLE BASS inherits the iconic look of 60’s and adds all-new analog NuTube circuitry for authentic tube tone. In addition to a warm clean sound, the character of the distortion is designed to achieve the fuzz bass sound of many ’60s British rock bands.

Inspired by the legendary rigs used during the British Invasion, the MINI SUPERBEETLE BASS is an instantly recognizable tribute to VOX’s iconic early days. With Nutube-equiped analog preamp circuit and on-board compressor and fuzz, this little amp delivers powerful bass tones that have to be heard to be believed. The matching speaker cabinet is built with a closed back and bass reflex structure to provide rich low frequency-response. The MINI SUPERBEETLE BASS can also be paired with nearly any type of extension cabinet, including 1×10″, 4×10″, or even 8×10″! It also features a headphone/line out jack that’s perfect for practicing or recording silently at home or on-the-go.

  • Iconic design inherited from the classic stacks of the British Invasion
  • Powered by Nutube for analog vacuum tube sound while remaining compact
  • Closed-back cabinet and bass reflex structure for rich low end
  • On-board compressor and fuzz
  • Four-band EQ (BASS, LO-MID, HI-MID, and TREBLE)
  • 50W output while still being lightweight and compact

Here are more specs from the VOX website:
50 Watts RMS | 4 Ohms
25 Watts RMS | 8 Ohms
12.5 Watts RMS | 16 Ohms

1 x 8″ VOX Original

1 x Normal Input Jack

1 x Speaker Jack
1 x Headphone Jack

Volume, Gain, Bass, Lo-Mid, Hi-Mid, Treble, Fuzz, Compression Switch

Nutube 6P1


323 mm x 180 mm x 596 mm | 12.7 x 7.09 x 23.5 inches
8.7 kg | 19.18 lbs

AC adapter, Power cable, Speaker cable, Cushion x 4

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