1973 C.F. Martin T-28 Tiple in Natural Finish, Comes with Gator Hard Case and Pro-Setup

Here we have a 1973 C.F. Martin T-28 Tiple in Natural finish!  In 1920, Martin took inspiration from an Argentinian Tiple (Spanish for “small guitar”); and produced their version, which ended up as a ukulele sized body vs. the larger Argentinian original.  The Martin Tiple is typically tuned/played the same as a standard ukulele, but has 10 steel-strings instead.  The outer strings are doubled, like a mandolin.  The middle strings, however, are tripled with the center string being an octave lower.  This has a really unique voicing that leans towards lute instruments from a medieval/renaissance time period.  In later years of production, Martin would designate the model number of Tiples to correspond with the model series of their guitars.  In this case for example, the Tiple T-28 would have the same wood materials, cosmetic binding, inlays, etc. as their D-28 acoustic guitar at the time.  All production of Tiples ceased in the year 2000.


Having the same materials and cosmetics of a 28-series 1970s Martin, this Tiple features a solid spruce top, solid Rosewood back (2-piece) and sides, Ebony fingerboard and bridge, and a Mahogany neck.  The tuners w/ plastic buttons are all original and do not appear to have been replaced.


This is a 70’s acoustic Martin that has acquired expected signs of wear and age (finish checking, nicks, dings, and scratches), but remains in very good condition!  The only 2 structural notes are the partial crack that runs 2.25” inches alongside the center-stripe binding of the backside body, and the bridge has been professionally re-glued to the body at some point.  Our repairman assessed that the crack is indeed partial, and does NOT fully go through the back wood.  Good care with monitoring humidity would prevent the crack from getting any worse.  Please refer to the close-up photo of the middle, back body with center-stripe binding.


The instrument comes in a Gator hard case, and has been professionally setup by our shop repairman.  Here’s a chance to own a unique, vintage Martin T-28 Tiple!